Swimming Pool Heater- Electric Heat Pump-small 55 K BTU

Swimming Pool Heater- Electric Heat Pump-small 55 K BTU

Swimming Pool Heater- Electric Heat Pump-small 55 K BTU Rating:
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You are looking at a brand new, in box pool heater, not reconditioned, not rebuilt. Brand new. Do not close that above ground pool so early this fall. And open it early in the spring. Thsi heater uses as much electricity as a table saw. (14 amps at 220 volts) It is a 55,000 btu capacity heater, large enough to heat an above ground pool up to 21' round, 15 x 30 oval; Or an in ground pool of upto 10,000 gallons. Installation is very easy, about 20 minutes all together. The system runs on a 20 amps 220 volts circuit, which is a 12 gauge wire on a dedicated circuit.** It will not run on 110 volts. This unit is 220 only. The connections are compression fittings, 1 1/2" pipe. The controls and display is built in, digital with a polycarbonate weatherproof cover. Also supplied with a reduntant flow switch to prevent meltdowns caused by single malfunctioning flow switches. If you'd like to install the controls away from the heater, we do stock extender cables, available at 25 dollars, for 25 feet. The compressor is of Rotary type, made by Mitsubishi. Heat exchanger is made of TITANIUM . White, enamel coated steel case. Industry standard warranty, including lifetime on the exchanger coils. COP= 5.8 (% 580 percent energy efficient) This means, under the strict US Department of Energy test conditions, this unit produces $ 5.80 worth of heat for using $1.00 dollar of electricity. How does it do it? with the High pressure differential compressor. The quality of this unit is approved by CE for safety and quality standards. It is a product of Fibropool Company. the model is Fh-55. The warranty info and installation instructions are included.


  • 55,000 BTU capacity heater
  • Very easy installation

Swimming Pool Heater- Electric Heat Pump-small 55 K BTU 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.
Pool Heat Pumps $2,499.99

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