How to Choose an Automatic Pool Cleaner

For all you pool owners out there, it is assumed that you would want to keep that water as sparkling blue as much as you can.  Some people choose to hire a person or a company to keep their swimming pools sparkling. Before you go that direction, just remember that this is one of those tasks that you can do yourself. There are manual pool cleaners that you will need to operate, or automated models that can be left to clean the swimming pool on their own. Select a swimming pool cleaner that is dependable and reasonably priced, and works well for your lifestyle.

Basic Guidelines:

1.  Determine the cleaning needs of your swimming pool. Observe if your swimming pool collects a lot of leaves or other debris and find out what kind of dirt gets on the swimming pool walls. This will help you choose a cleaner.  Bear in mind the dimension of your pool. If you have a bigger swimming pool, a manual cleaner will take you a long time to clean it.

2.  Keep the manual pool cleaner alternative depending on swimming pool size. A manual pool cleaner closely resembles your regular household vacuum cleaner. That means you will be manually going through your pool floor, walls and steps one tedious segment at a time clearing it of leaves, dirt and other debris. Select a manual cleaner if you do not mind spending your own time keeping the swimming pool clean. This will work well if the pool dimensions are not that large which more often than not applies to some above-ground pools. Buy a manual pool cleaner if you are on a budget. Most manual swimming pool cleaners cost less than $200. They are usually less costly than the automatic cleaners.

Use a manual pool cleaner if you are a perfectionist. If you are in manual control, that means you can see every spot of dirt out there. There is no probability of missing spots at all while you clean.

3.  If you notice that you often have fine particles in your pool, then the best choice is to buy a suction side automated cleaner. You attach this gizmo to your skimmer and rely on your pool filter to make it go all-around the swimming pool.    Expect to pony up to  $500 or so for a suction cleaner.

4.  Consider a pressure-side swimming pool cleaner if you have a lot of bulky debris, such as leaves. This style of pool cleaner utilizes the water pressure to roll over the pool’s surface and suck dirt into a bag. Expect to shell out between $400 and $1,000 for a pressure-side pool cleaner. The dedicated motor and water pressure line is the main reason for the higher prices. There are models that are environmentally friendly so it might be worth checking into it. There is no motor for these models. The pool water pump is their power source. Pick the pressure-side pool cleaner if you want your investment to last. With the proper maintenance, this kind of cleaner should last at least 10 years.

5.  Go for a robotic pool cleaner if you would like a pool cleaner that operates by itself. These self-contained machines walk around the pool on their own and scrub the floor and walls. Prepare to pay more for a robotic pool cleaner. The most basic versions start at around $650, and with additional features they can cost over $4,000.

6.  Save money on energy costs with a sun powered pool cleaner. These latest pool cleaners consume energy from the sun all through the daytime and run along the surface of the swimming pool to accumulate leaves and debris. They cost around $400-$500.

7.  Talk with a sales associate in a pool supply store about your pool. A professional can help you decide between the pool cleaners available, and formulate a suggestion on how frequently you need to clean your pool. Inquire about specialty cleaners for above-ground pools. As a rule automated pool cleaners can be used for either above ground or in ground pools, but some cleaners are offered specifically for above ground pools and utilize the existing swimming pool filter and pump.

8.  After going through the above steps and you have finally selected your pool cleaner, make sure you check on-line first before you buy. Price differences are significant, especially for the more expensive robotic pool cleaners, when you compare brick-and-mortar stores pricing vs. on-line pricing. More often than not, on-line pricing is usually lower even after factoring in the shipping costs.

In addition, when you buy on-line from a website such as this, you might even qualify for a tax-free purchase depending on your state of residence. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can also have it delivered within two days for free. If there are problems with the product, returns are easy and also free.

Good luck with your search!  And don’t forget to visit our selection of pool cleaners right here.